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  • LexiLexi

    It's no secret that Curb Your Enthusiasm had a fabulous end to Season 7. It leaves a lot of us wondering if Season 8 will bring us the same laughs and "I'm just like him!" moments. So far, let's take a look at the pros and cons of Season 8.

    So far, Season 8 has been fantastic, but it all depends on how the season ends. The wrapping up of Season 7 with the Seinfeld season finale was genius--the perfect way to make a real Seinfeld (TV Series)|Seinfeld]] reunion show without falling into all the reunion show pitfalls that he discusses in Season 7 with Jerry Seinfeld. In addition, his motivation to win back Cheryl David after their separation is a very believable reason for Larry to do something as "corny" as a reunion show.

    So, is it possible f…

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