It's no secret that Curb Your Enthusiasm had a fabulous end to Season 7. It leaves a lot of us wondering if Season 8 will bring us the same laughs and "I'm just like him!" moments. So far, let's take a look at the pros and cons of Season 8.

So far, Season 8 has been fantastic, but it all depends on how the season ends. The wrapping up of Season 7 with the Seinfeld season finale was genius--the perfect way to make a real Seinfeld (TV Series)|Seinfeld]] reunion show without falling into all the reunion show pitfalls that he discusses in Season 7 with Jerry Seinfeld. In addition, his motivation to win back Cheryl David after their separation is a very believable reason for Larry to do something as "corny" as a reunion show.

So, is it possible for Season 8 to be better? So far, Larry is hitting all his best features perfectly--his insolence when dealing with women from a battered shelter crying by the ice cream in the episode The Safe House, his rudeness with Cheryl David's lawyer when he tells him that bald people can call each other "Baldy" the same way Black people can use the N-word, and let's not forget Larry walking around a funeral with a smiley face suntanned into his forehead.

So far, Season 8 looks promising. But only time will tell if the show has nowhere to go but down.

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